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Job Opening

All Called to Christ Area Catholic Community

is Seeking a Coordinator of Youth Discipleship.

The All Called to Christ Area Catholic Community is seeking an applicant with a deep love of sharing the Gospel with young people and their families. The Coordinator of Youth Discipleship would work alongside the Discipleship Director and volunteer teams to build a culture of discipleship amongst the youth of the ACC. The desired applicant would create opportunities for middle school youth to grow in faith and relationship with each other and faithful adults, collaborate with the ACC faith formation

team to facilitate programming, as well as work alongside “Illuminate Youth Ministries” and its team to continue to foster teen discipleship in the area. This position is great for a recent graduate looking to start in youth ministry or for a long-time minister desiring to build a new program in the heart of the St. Cloud Diocese.

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To apply: Email resume and cover letter to Janice Wuebkers, business manager, at

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