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Confirmation Preparation

1 program.
2 session options!

Mind. Heart. Hands.


'Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit'

Are you ready to let the Holy Spirit transform you?

Prepare with us for the powerful and beautiful Sacrament of Confirmation through learning more about our rich Catholic Faith, taking time for retreats to listen to the voice of God, receiving the guidance and support of a mentor, and having life-giving opportunities to serve the community!

Confirmation spring retreat 2021.jpg

Who is Confirmation Prep for?
Students in 10th grade and older who want
to receive the Holy Spirit in a deeper way!
(for students of private, public, & home schools)


What will it look like this year?

We have ONE program for Confirmation Preparation for all of the ACC parishes this year, but to give you greater flexibility, you have the option of the Fall OR Spring Session! In football? The spring option is a great choice for you. Have a hectic spring schedule? The fall option might be a great choice for you! You can use the other semester to meet with your mentor, work on your service hours, etc!

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Nikki Silbernick,


Confirmation Prep 2021-2022.jpg
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